Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Law Garden - Ahmedabad

Most popular picnic spot in the city, the Law Garden in Ahmedabad would be a fantastic experience to all. Located at the heart of the city, the lovely ambiance of the garden provides the visitor with enormous and splendid pastime hobbies. Along with lots of recreational activities, one can make the evenings more colourful by tasting the mouth-watering delicacies of Gujarat. 

While you are undertaking sightseeing in Ahmedabad , you can definitely pay a visit to the beautiful gardens, named the Law Garden, in the city. The Law Garden in Ahmedabad is one of the most popular and colorful public gardens of the city. Everyday a large number of tourists come to visit and check out the beauty of this marvelous garden.

The Law Garden in Ahmedabad is a popular recreation center of the city. Unlike other gardens of the city, the Law Garden is filled with a large number of shops selling handicraft items and Indian delicacies that are worth going for. All this makes the garden a popular place to hang out, especially amongst the younger generation.

The Law Garden in Ahmedabad has its own market, which sells numerous handicrafts items such as cane items, wooden items, traditional Indian clothes and others. Foreigners usually visit the market for the Indian handicrafts sold here by the local people. The street hawkers are profited by selling various kinds of mouth-watering food items. Not only the visitors, but also the college students and the office workers enjoy the taste of stuffs like bhuttas, dosas and other fast foods. Of course, ice-cream parlors are there to relieve you from the heat.

Law Garden has numerous and fantastic shopping malls ideal for seasonal shopping. You can find the garment shops being frequented by the shopaholics. One can find colorful skirts, saris, and cushions displayed in these shops. One can also find designer dresses in these malls. Local people enjoy the Navratri shopping for some of the exclusive stocks available during that time.

People freak out at the gardens with a whole lot of energy and enjoy a rollicking time. The Law Garden in Ahmedabad has a unique character of its own. It adds a blend of color to the vibrancy of the city.
To enjoy a long cherished experience and rejuvenate one's life a visit to the Law Garden in Ahmedabad is indispensable

Law Garden is not just a beautiful place but it is a hub of local vendors who sells excellent clothing items and handicraft materials. These shopping centers are more popular with the locals since it sells fine verities of Navaratri outfits. Other frequent visitors in the park are college students, who prefer to eat and shop in affordable prices. 

This pictorial place is named after the law college that situates adjacent to it. Law garden offers something to every body, be it kids, youth or the old. The sprawling expanse of the garden is usual venue of cultural activities like Music concerts, dance festivals and the like.

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