Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Handicraft Items in Ahmedabad

Other than its textiles, Ahmedabad is well known for its handicrafts. Handicrafts are an integral part of the city's cultural life. Available in various forms, every object in Ahmedabad is equivalent to a work of art. Handicrafts Items in Ahmedabad is famous all over the country for the detail and designs. With a Textile background and a rich folklore, Handicrafts Items in Ahmedabad are not only the identity of the city but for the various tribes and villages of Gujarat too. Starting right from the heavily embroidered fabric works, to pottery, dhurries, carpets, rugs, blankets, bags, coats, woolen garments, wood works, showpieces, list is endless. There is a ready market for the handicrafts items in Ahmedabad. Known as the Handicrafts Bazaar the place is a storehouse of the popular handicrafts to be found in Ahmedabad. Not only are the pride of the locals, the Handicrafts Items in Ahmedabad also a source of sustenance for the people involved in the making of this rare pieces of art. However if you are concerned about where to buy the handicrafts items from, then the C.G Market in Ahmedabad is good for the patola silks and pottery. For antiques, showpieces with wood carvings and furniture's of all sizes and shapes the Teen Darwaja in Ahmedabad is worth a visit.

Handicrafts Items of Ahmedabad like the rugs, carpets, dhurries are made personally at the family looms. As such they are not only authentic but can be identified as a master piece made out of lovely patterns and colors. The villages of Bhuj and Saurashtra specialize in making these items. Handloom is a thriving industry in Ahmedabad and the soft quilts are the best products of this weaving industry. Coming from the villages located on the Ahmedabad Bhavnagar Highway, the Ahmedabad quilts have now become a common household item. The wall hangings featuring Rogan printing are perfect gift items to take back home. The rogan prints are also used in embroidering the tablecloths, skits, saris and curtains. Other Handicrafts Items of Ahmedabad worth buying are antique jewellery, mirror studded jewellery boxes, ashtrays, rosewood and ivory engraved knives, sticks, nut crackers.

Some of the well known shops offering you the best price in the handicrafts items are Hastkala, Kapasi, Banascraft, Gurjari and Bandhej. Prices can be a bit high but then you can always strike up a bargain which is an inherent aspect of Shopping in Ahmedabad

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