Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Fabric Things In Ahmedabad

Fabric work 
Indian fabric enjoys a world wide reputation. The ethnicity, colors, patterns and quality is unmatched by any other fabric in the world. With the Indian fashion industry seeing a growth in the world market, the demands for Indian fabric has risen all over the world. In India, much of the textile industries are concentrated in Ahmedabad. The commercial centre of Gujarat, Ahmedabad is famous for its Traditional Bandhej Fabric. Popular for its intricate designs and the lovely hues, the Traditional Bandhej Fabric in Ahmedabad is in great demand all over the country. Bandhej work is a special type of tie and dye work with its origins in Jaipur by the name of leheriya. However another story of origin states that the special form of textile was brought by Muslim Khatris to the Kutch region. Starting its journey from Jamnagar, bandhni gradually became the most recognized fabric in Ahmedabad. If the city's monuments are of great interest to the historians, then the Traditional Bandhej Fabric in Ahmedabad is the most prized possession of the shopper's. With the rising demand, the fabric has now made way into the other state markets.

Colors and patterns are the two most important factors that make a bandhej work stand out. The various traditional patters involved in this printing technique are Barah baag, Bavan baag, Chokidal, Ambadal, and Kambaliya. Meant especially for the brides are two designs called Shikhara and Chandokhni. Basant Bahar is a special design to symbolize the colors of spring. Among the colors used, the primary ones are red and saffron. Red is associated with marriage and the saffron color with the ascetics. The color Yellow stands for the spring season and maroon and black symbolize mourning. Raw materials used as the base are muslin, silk cloth or handloom. However other requirements of this textile printing are the quick use of hands to tie the knots precisely and a good sense of color. The craftsmen of Gujarat excel in this art which justifies the excellent quality of Traditional Bandhej Fabric in Ahmedabad.

In Gujarat two centers are famous for their Bandhej works- Ahmedabad and Jamnagar. However Ahmedabad scores above the other centre for being the state's commercial hub. Going through the old city streets which are a treasure trove of silk patola saris in Ahmedabad , antique jewellery in Ahmedabad and handicrafts items in Ahmedabad make Shopping in Ahmedabad fun. The streets, bazaars are the most authentic place for buying this colorful fabric. Dress materials, Salwar kameez, saris, blouses and skirts all are available in bright colors. Bargaining is the key word here to strike the most lucrative deal. Now that you know what to buy foremost in Ahmedabad and shopping being one of the most important Things to do in Ahmedabad , the best places you can visit are the boutiques along C.G Road and the outlets near Law Garden. Two well known places to look out for the Traditional Bandhej Fabric of Ahmedabad are Archana Shah's Bandhej, Anuradha Vakil's Boutique and Sanskruti. The prices are however fixed in such places. For cheap buys the shopping malls, Gujarat Emporia and the city's main shopping hub, Manek Chowk near Lal Darwaja are worth a visit.

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