Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Ahmedabad-Sarkhej Roja

Sarkhej Roja
The Sarkhej Roza is an graceful architectural creation amazing for the use of pierced stone trellises and complete absence of arches. Sarkhej Roza, the tombs of Saint Ahmed Khattu Baksh and that of Emperor Mehmud Shah Beguda and his queen. The diplomatic atmosphere makes it an ideal retreat. Sarkhej (about 10 kms. southwest of Ahmedabad) is noted for its stylish group of buildings, including the Mausoleum of Azam and Mu'assam, who were responsible for Sarkhej's architecture.

Lying at a stretch of 8 kms on the south western side of Ahmedabad, Sarkhej Roza was the home of the spiritual leader of Sultan Ahmed Shah named Ahmed Kattu Gang Baksh, who was a Muslim religious leader. It contains a cluster of monuments, the origin of which can be dated back to the times of Mughal rule in Ahmedabad. Read on to know more about Sarkhej Roza in Ahmedabad, Gujarat…

The architecture here is attractive because the style is almost wholly Hindu, with little of the Saracenic pressure so evident in Ahmedabad. As you go into Sarkhej, you pass the Mausoleum of Mahmud Begara and, beside the tank and connected to his tomb, that of his queen, Rajabai. Also by the tank is the Tomb of Ahmad Khattu Ganj Buksh, a renewed Muslim saint and spiritual adviser to Ahmed Shah. He was the revered saint whose blessings were invoked while origin Ahmedabad. The palace, with pavilions and a harem, is also around the tank.

It is a platform where three distinctive worlds coexist, namely royal, religious and social. The palaces and tombs form part of the royal world, the mosque constitutes the religious realm and the tanks and pavilions have given rise to the social world. The carved stone grills create an atmosphere of tranquility, thereby serving as a great retreat for people seeking peace.

The Roza of Sarkhej is very well-known. The architecture of the Roza is so attractive and the history of Roza is related with Ahmedabad. The main and big roza of Saint Ahmed Khatu Ganjbux is in the middle of the complex. There are attractive carvings on the walls and tombs. Traceries have been carved out in marble stones. The sunlight reflections create beautiful pictures. The buildings are remarkable for the complete absence of arches and the use of pierced stone trellises.

When you visit Sarkhej Roza, do not forget to take a look at the tomb of Saint Ahmed Khattu Baksh, the spiritual guide of the founder of Ahmedabad city. It also houses the tomb of the Emperor Mehmud Shah Beguda and his queen. Sarkhej Roza of Ahmedabad is renowned for the marvelous buildings that lie within its premises. The architectural pattern of Sarkhej Roza is mesmerizing. The reflection of sunlight creates beautiful impressions.

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